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What is Online Learning

Online learning at Cleveland State University is offered through a Learning Management System, Blackboard Learn. Within this system, separate courses are delivered to students. Courses are primarily asynchronous, but contain timelines and due dates to keep students on track to finishing their courses and programs online. Students interact with faculty and other students directly through their courses by use of course tools such as email, discussions, group activities and web conferences.

Courses are typically designed to meet Quality Matters standards. As a student, this is important because it means that everything you need to do for that course is available from the Blackboard course. In addition to the course content, each course will contain a comprehensive syllabus, a start here section and a course information section, which contain important information about the course instructor, policies and other pertinent information for progressing through the course.

Online learning is convenient, but it also requires the right attitude and work ethic to succeed. Prior to enrolling in an online program or your first online course, read our tips for being a successful online learner.