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Bachelor of Business Administration Degree Completion

Some college? No degree? No problem. Complete your Bachelor of Business degree online.

Finish What You Started

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) online degree completion program is ideal for non-traditional students who have some college, some professional work experience, and want to enhance their career development by finishing what they started. Even if you started at a community college or another university, the CSU BBA General Business online degree completion program can help you earn your degree with a flexible schedule, conveniently and economically 100% online while maintaining work-life-school balance.


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Man talking to a group
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Time to Complete

To be determined after a review of transcripts.

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To be determined after a review of transcripts.

Program Highlights

The Cleveland State BBA online degree completion offers flexibility for students who want to take classes online – or in-person during the day or evening at our downtown Cleveland campus. This provides the opportunity for students to take advanced business courses that will meet their professional needs and career goals – and all at Cleveland State University.

  • Online – study anywhere with the option for in-person for certain classes
  • AACSB Accredited – just 7% of the world’s business schools have earned accreditation by AACSB International – the hallmark of excellence in management education
  • Flexible - Structure your electives to add a minor or certificate program to tailor the program to your specific interest
  • No business courses? No problem. We can develop a plan that will work for you. Contact us for an appointment today at e-BusinessAdvisor@csuohio.edu.
  • Earn your BBA degree, your time and your way
  • Completion of a BBA in General Business can pave the way for you to earn an MBA with just ten courses
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Learning Methodolgy

The BBA General Business degree completion curriculum consists of foundational courses in business and a broad cross-section of advanced business courses in a variety of disciplines including management, accounting, finance and operations/supply chain. The curriculum is comprised of four sections:

  • General Education Courses – many might be waived based on your transcripts
  • Business Lower Division Core Courses (10 courses) – many might be waived based on your transcripts
  • Business Upper Division Core Courses (8 courses)
  • General Business Major Course and Electives (11 Courses total)

Admissions Requirements

Apply for admission to Cleveland State University.

The program is designed to utilize previous college course work and accommodate students who have completed an AA or AS degree at a community college. Students must have a GPA of 2.0 or higher.

Students must have completed the required CSU general education course work:

  • Introduction to University Life: Only required for first-year CSU students
  • English Composition: ENG 100/101 and ENG 102 (grades of "C" or higher)
  • Math: MTH 148 and MTH 149 (grades of "C" or higher)
  • Natural Science: 7 credits of Natural Science with Lab
  • Social Science: 3 credits of Non-US Social Science
  • Arts and Humanities: 3 credits of Introductory Arts and Humanities, 3 credits of Non-US Arts and Humanities
  • Social Diversity: 3 credits of African-American Experience and 3 credits of US Diversity
  • Foreign Language: Submission of official high school transcripts showing 2 years of same language successfully completed; completion of 2 consecutive semesters of introductory foreign language courses at CSU or transfer institution; waiver of Foreign Language through verification of Modern Language Department by demonstrated proficiency

Students must have completed all BBA - Lower Divisional Core Course Work:

General Education Courses
Course Title
BUS 151 World of Business
GAD 250 Business Communication
IST 203 Software Tools
ECN 201 Macroeconomics
ECN 202 Microeconomics
ACT 221 Introductory Accounting I
ACT 222 Introductory Accounting II
BUS 201 Applied Business Statistics
OSM 202 Introduction to Business Analytics
MKT 301 Fundamentals of Marketing

Application Requirements for the Online BBA:

  1. All students applying to the BBA - General Business online degree completion program must also apply for apply for admission to Cleveland State University.

  2. Visit the How to Apply for the Online BBA site for additional information.

Application Deadlines

Students may begin the program in any semester. Applications must be submitted no later than one month before the semester of entry. Please refer to the University calendar for dates.

For additional program requirements, please see https://business.csuohio.edu/academics/admission-requirements.


BBA Upper-Division Core Requirements

OSM 311Introduction to Operations Management3 Credits
IST 305Information Technology for Competitive Advantage3 Credits
FIN 351Introduction to Financial Management3 Credits
MGT 321Organizational Behavior3 Credits
BUS 351Business, Society and Government3 Credits
MGT 465Management Strategy and Policy3 Credits

Major Coursework: General Business Major – BBA Degree Online

OSM 442Innovation Management3 Credits

General Business Major Electives: Select 10 courses from list below for a minimum of 30 credit hours

MKT 441Integrated Marketing Communication3 Credits
ACT 360International Accounting3 Credits
MGT 301Principles of Management3 Credits
FIN 350Financial Decision Making / Bloomberg3 Credits
MGT 340Human Resources Management3 Credits
OSM 425International Operations Management3 Credits
FIN 353Introduction to Investments3 Credits
OSM 416Supply Chain Management3 Credits
FIN 360Financial Marketing / Institutions3 Credits
OSM 421Service Operations Management3 Credits
MKT 456Customer Relations3 Credits
OSM 438International Field Experience in Supply Chain Management3 Credits
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People sitting at a table clapping

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition and financial aid for CSU programs are kept competitive so you can receive the education you deserve. Tuition for online programs and courses follows the same fee structure as traditional, on-campus programs and courses. Current CSU Graduate tuition costs can be found on the Bursar’s website.

Approximately 70% of CSU’s students receive some form of financial assistance. The University participates in or administers all the major federal and state grant and loan programs. In addition, CSU provides University grants and scholarships.

To begin the financial aid process, you will need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You must file a FAFSA every year after January 1st to receive your financial aid. Cleveland State University’s financial aid school code is 003032.

If you have any questions, visit the Financial Aid section of CSU’s website, or contact the Financial Aid office.



Our faculty in the Monte Ahuja College of Business are a diverse group of professors with industry-leading expertise in their disciplines and related, applied, professional business experience. The majority of faculty are actively involved in the community as consultants and members of professional organizations bringing a richness of practical application in addition to creating top-notch research.

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CSU trees blooming
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Career Outcomes

Did you know that according to the Brookings Institute median career earnings for a Bachelor’s degree graduate are 70% higher than for someone with some college but no degree? The Bachelor of Business Administration degree can enhance your earning potential for roles such as:

  • Accountant
  • Banking
  • Financial Analyst/Manager
  • Health Care Business Analyst
  • Human Resources
  • Information Systems Manager
  • International Business Specialist
  • Logistics Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Real Estate or Property Management
  • Sales Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

My employer is helping to pay for the program. Where can I find information about this?

Detailed information, including the forms for employer reimbursement, can be found on the Bursar's site.

I have specific program questions. Is there someone I can speak with?

Connect with us to learn more

Fill out the form to connect with a Cleveland State University admission counselor who can provide additional information about your program of interest, the admission process, financial aid, and more.