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Dual Resident Education Program (The DREAM Program)

Classroom ready teachers who can serve all students

DREAM is a master’s program degree that results in two initial licensures (P-5, Early Childhood Intervention Specialist), a TESOL endorsement and a Master’s degree.

DREAM prepares teachers with knowledge, skills and experience to teach elementary (P-5), special education and second language learning students. DREAM graduates will be classroom ready teachers who have met all program and state standards for P-5, Early Childhood Intervention Specialist and TESOL professional credentialing, and will stand out as exemplary teachers.

Program highlights include:

Time to Complete: 6 semesters

Credits: 22 courses totaling 66 credits

Cost: Current CSU Graduate tuition costs can be found on the Bursar's website.

Program Highlights

Dual Resident Education Program blends theory and practice, integrates academic and clinincal instruction at the onset of the dual licensure program, combines pedagogical and content education, and employs a faculty consisting of both practitioners and professor each accorded equal status. Dual Resident Education Program unifies Early Childhood Education (ECE), Early Childhood Intervention Specialist (ECIS) and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) curricula.

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Career Outcomes and Job Opportunities

Graduates can serve as P-5 classroom teachers, ESL teachers or intervention specialists, or any combination of the 3 roles. Note that the ESL endorsement is K-12.


Rotation One

Course Title Credits
DRE 601 Rotation 1 & Seminar: The Social Context of Education 3 Credits
DRE 500 Designing Classrooms for Culturally, Linguistically & Exception 3 Credits
DRE 501 Interdisciplinary Content Teaching in Inclusive Setting 3 Credits
EDC 501 Child Development 3 Credits
EDL 500 Phonics Assessment and Instruction 3 Credits

Rotation Two

Course Title Credits
DRE 602 Rotation 2 & Seminar: Instruction and Assessment 3 Credits
DRE 502 Engaging Families and Communities in Creating Partnerships 3 Credits
DRE 503 Inclusive Teaching Methods Part 1 3 Credits
DRE 504 Assessment Methods for the Inclusive Classroom 3 Credits


Course Title Credits
EDL 501 Beginning & Intermediate Reading Instruction & Assessment 3 Credits
EDL 511 Emergent Literacy 3 Credits
EDL 512 Literature-based Reading Methods for Children 3 Credits

Internships One

Course Title Credits
DRE 603 Internship I: Practice and Professionalism 3 Credits
DRE 604 Seminar for Internship I 3 Credits
DRE 505 Assessment Methods for Identification and Intervention 3 Credits
DRE 506 Inclusive Teaching Methods Part 2 3 Credits

Internships Two

Course Title Credits
DRE 605 Internship II: Teachers as Leaders 4 Credits
DRE 606 Seminar for Internship II 3 Credits
EDL 508 Applied Linguistics for Teachers 3 Credits
College Core

Required Courses

Course Title Credits
EDB 601 Research in Education and Human Services 3 Credits
EDB 604 Equity in Community and Classroom Settings 3 Credits
ETE 507 OR ETE 501 Instructional Technology OR Technology Strand 2 Credits
Exit Requirements

Required Courses

Course Title Credits
Comp Exam (register for EST 691 if no other course(s) being taken) 0 Credits
EST 698 Project 1-4 Credits
EST 699 Thesis 1-4 Credits

Admission Requirements:

  1. Apply for admission to Cleveland State University
  2. One official copy of transcripts from all institutions where you obtained a bachelor’s degree;
  3. A cumulative undergraduate GPA of 2.75 or above is required if degree is less than 1-5 years, GPA 3.0 if degree is over 6 years.

Interested students should fill out the Request Information form and indicate their preference for the Dual Resident Education Program (The DREAM Program)

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For program information contact:

Elena Andrei, Ed.D.
DREAM Program Coordinator
Department of Teacher Education
Cleveland State University
2485 Euclid Avenue, JH 302
Cleveland, OH 44115

Learning Methodology

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DREAM employs a faculty consisting of both practitioners and professor each accorded equal status. Our dedicated and caring faculty provide you with the most up-to-date experiences and knowledge to make sure you’re prepared to take on the challenges you’ll face.


What is DREAM?

DREAM is a master’s program degree that results in:
  • Two initial licensures (Primary Pk-5 and Early Chidhood Intervention Specialist)
  • A TESOL endorsement
  • A Master’s Degree

How long is the program?

DREAM takes two years and has a total of 66 credits: Two fall semesters, two spring semesters, and two summer sessions

Who are the instructors?

Courses are taught by professionals currently working in local schools. as well as CSU faculty.

Is financial support available?

Yes. Apply for TEACH Grants – up to $4,000 per year: Also, check with your school district about additional possible financial support

Can I work while taking DREAM courses?

Yes. Courses are web-blended, providing flexible scheduling. Candidates currenlty working in public school settings may request partial credit for field experience requirement (rotation & internship). This will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

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