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Graduate Certificate in Data-Based Decision Making

Take your credentials to the next level by enhancing your ability to work with education-related data to make evidence-based decisions for improved learning outcomes and policy.

The Graduate Certificate in Data-Based Decision Making is designed for anyone who wants to develop education-related data expertise, improve their understanding of assessment and data, and consider the role of data in education policy. It is also geared toward school administrators and educators who seek to improve the data-related culture in their schools, use school and classroom data to improve decision-making, and monitor the progress of their students and schools.

Time to Complete: One year - Fall, Spring, and Summer semester. You can start any semester.

Credits: 4 courses totaling 12 credits

Cost: Current CSU Graduate tuition costs can be found on the Bursar's website

Program Highlights

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Career Outcomes and Job Opportunities

This certificate is used to enhance your skills or marketability for a career in education or related field. The data-based decision-making skills developed in this program are excellent for teachers, administrators, and counselors, as well as for those in related fields who need to write assessments and gather data for decision-making.

When you successfully complete this program, you will be prepared to make critical decision based on your robust understanding of data. This will elevate your decision making to the next level.

The Certificate is 12 credits, and can be earned as a stand-alone certificate or in conjunction with a Master's Degree in Educational Research and Assessment.

Program Courses

Course Title Credits
EDB 574 Data Driven Decision-Making in the Classroom 3 Credits
EDB 572 Beginning statistics for research 3 Credits
EDB 704* Interpreting Student Performance Data 3 Credits
EDB 711* Educational Evaluation & Innovation 3 Credits

*EDB 601 or equivalent (an introductory research course) is a prerequisite for these courses.

All students applying to the Data-Based Decision-Making program must:

It is highly recommended that EDB 601: Educational Research be completed before taking the program courses.

Interested students should fill out the Request Information form and indicate their preference for Data-Based Decision Making program.

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For additional information, contact:

Department of Curriculum and Foundation
College of Education and Public Affairs
Cleveland State University
2485 Euclid Avenue, Julka Hall, 210
Cleveland, OH 44115

Learning Methodology

In this certificate program, you will learn about writing good assessments and evaluating them, using classroom-, school-, and district-level data to make informed decisions, basic statistics and data presentation, and program evaluation. These skills will also enhance your marketability in education-related careers.

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Your professors in this program…


Do I need to have background in education or data to be in this program?

No. While many of our students have an education background, it is not required, and your professors create assignments that are adaptable for those who are not in an education setting. There is no expectation of a background in data or assessment.

Is this a teaching endorsement?

No. This is a Cleveland State University graduate certificate that indicates your expertise in this area.

Will this program prepare me for a career in data analytics related to education?

This program is a great start toward a career in data analytics in that it gives you some of the tools needed for understanding research and data. However, if you are interested in a career in data analytics, we recommend you pursue courses in statistics as well (e.g. our Ph.D. program in Urban Education).

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